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2018 in books

2018 was a mix of this and that for me. Re-reading old favorites while finding new-to-me-authors to love and at the same time reading a new release by my all time favorite authors!

This is the year I bought the biggest amount of paperbacks, both in English and Croatian, more than a hundred of them.

*All of the books I bought/got in 2018*

Some of my favorite re-reads are definitely the Hashtag series by Cambria Hebert and Wallflowers series by Lisa Kleypas! The first is NA sports romance that if you haven't read yet, you have to as soon as possible. The second one if a historical romance. 

*posted in no particular order*

1. Stacy Kestwick - Drumline

Drumline by Stacy Kestwick was my first book by her and the first book I finished in 2018 and it was amazing. One really deep and emotional college romance, but with a twist like you haven't seen before. So many feelings, so much angst, unexpected situations, and love!

2. Teagan Hunter - Texting series
*this picture is taken from Teagan Hunter's Facebook page*

Teagan Hunter is another author I got introduced to in 2018. Her Texting series consists of three books so far, and the last one is coming in February of 2019! 
Texting series:
#1 Let's Get Textual
#2 I Wanna Text You Up
#3 Can't Text This
#4 Text Me Baby One More Time
As the name says these books are hilarious romantic comedies where wrongly sent text messages bring characters together, texting banter, cute, unusual pets, and pizza. Because who doesn't love pizza?
My favorite are Let's Get Textual and I Wanna Text You Up.

3. LJ Shen - Midnight Blue

I'm sure by now you can see a pattern here - LJ Shen is another one of new-to-me authors I discovered in 2018. I won ARC of this one by accident, and my LJ obsession started. If I can be honest, I'll admit, I didn't really think I'll like her books, but this woman knows what she's doing. Even the tropes I usually don't read, when she writes them, I love them! Midnight Blue isn't the only book I read of hers this year. Some of other that are my favorite are Scandalous, Bane and Dirty Headlines!

Midnight Blue review:
Midnight Blue is amazingly dysfunctional perfection. 
The first book I read by Leigh and I love it and can't wait to read more.
Broken, soulless, beautiful and angry are the first words that come to my mind when I think about Alex. Yet, you can't help but feel like you need to give your best to help him. Save him. 
And Indie is the right girl for the job. Sweet yet strong she keeps him on the leash and on his toes.
Two people, damaged by their past have to find a way to regain their hope in love and better tomorrow. 
Big recommendation!

4. Cambria Hebert - Toad

Cambria Hebert is my old time favorite. If you know me or follow me, you know how much I love her books and that she's a big inspiration for me. Toad the second standalone in Public Enemy duet (so far) didn't disappoint either! If you read Butterfly the first standalone, you already met Nate, and let me tell you this guy is something else!

Toad review:
Another beautiful story by Cambria Hebert! 
This huge, goofy guy that is obsessed with food, especially Fruity Pebbles, stole my heart in Butterfly. And here he just kept on doing it until the very end. 
Nate is big, funny, a little bit sarcastic guy with huge heart and with this need to shield and protect those he cares about. He's not a typical hero. He's so much more. And he reminded me that it's not all about looks and money. Love is about caring, laughing and being who you really are. 
Aerie a beautiful country singer which had her fair share of bad things happen in her life. There is this inner strength around her that she doesn't even realize it exists. She comes off as arrogant in the beginning, but it's only a shield to protect her fragile heart that has seen so many loss already.
There were some unexpected twists and turns and although this book is NA college romance, it's way more than that. 
A must read if you ask me!

5. Cambria Hebert - BearPaw Resort series

This year Cambria released another (now finished) series called BearPaw Resort. It's perfect for this cold, winter days since the main character owns a ski resort where the whole plot is situated. This series is a mix of sports, suspense and second chance romance! 
The first three books: Avalanche, Blizzard, and Frostbite follow the adventures of Bellamy and Liam and his cute puppy (not really, he's huge) Charlie and Subzero is a standalone about Liam's best friend Alex! Cambria also just published #vacay which is Hashtag - BearPaw Resort crossover novella.
Written in her trademark style, BearPaw Resort brings back all those things we love about Cambria's writing style and characters which is the sense of love and belonging, friendship stronger than the call of blood with a little extra mystery, intrigue and action!

6. Sarina Bowen - Brooklyn Bruisers series
*this picture is by @laceybooklovers*

Sarina is one of my old-time-favorite authors. I read her The Ivy Years series a couple of years back, and her Brooklyn Bruisers are equally as good! If you love hot and sexy hockey players and billionaires, this one is for you!  
Brooklyn Bruisers series has four books, with the fifth one coming in January!
#1 Rookie Move
#2 Hard Hitter
#3 Pipe Dream
#4 Brooklynaire
#5 Overnight Sensation
My favorite from the series are Hard Hitter and Pipe Dream!

7. Karla Sorensen - The Bombshell Effect

I loved this book so much I can't even put it in words! Where has Karla Sorensen been hiding from me so far, I have no idea.
The Bombshell Effect is beautifully written, funny and cute story about a professional football player/single dad and the new owner of the team he plays for.
I love their bickering and love-hate relationship that grows into so much more. You can see their feelings slowly change and the chemistry is off the charts!
This book reminded me a lot of Susan Elizabeth Phillips and her Chicago Stars series, so if you're a lover of Phillips or sports romance with a strong female lead and alpha male you have to add this one to your TBR!

8. Louise Bay - The Royals series

Louise Bay is one of the authors who's been on my TBR for a while, and when I saw she's going to be on RARE19 London I decided it's the time to read some of her books. And what a delight they are! Sexy billionaires in the suits, sassy strong-willed heroines, and London high class. These books are fun, witty, interesting and sexy as hell.
My favorites from the series are Duke of Manhattan and The Earl Of London

9. Sarah J. Maas - Throne of Glass series
*this picture is by @myfriendsareficition*

Throne of Glass series was a recommendation from a friend of mine. I haven't read Fantasy in a while, but I've heard of this series and decided to give it a try. The world Maas creates is like nothing you've seen before. Dark and slightly twisted, this world is filled with darkness and the only hope, the only glimmer of light brings a memory of its long lost Queen. 
Celaena Sardothien, the heir of the shadows, has to go on a journey that will change not just her life, but the destiny of her entire world. 
This is the story of adventure and magic, good and bad, light and darkness, friendship and love that will change you forever. 

10. Charleigh Rose - Bad Love series

*this picture is by @hopeless.romance.readaholic*

Bad Love series is another recommendation from a friend and I have to say it's amazing! There are three books in this series:
#1 Bad Habits
#2 Bad Intentions
#3 Yard Sale
My favorite from the series is Bad Habits.

Bad Habits review:
I was simply sucked into this book and couldn't put it down!
Asher and Briar's relationship is filled with ups and downs, people and life standing in the way of their love. They're perfectly imperfect, sometimes f*cked-up. 
He's dark to her light, damaged to her whole. But the way they love for each other, feel for each other makes you want to be them. Have something so special in your own life.
Charleigh is definitely going to my favorite new author list! 

11. Ava Harrison - absolution

Ava Harrison is yet another new-to-me author I'll be looking out for in the future! absolution is about a  single dad who suffers through heartbreak gets a second chance at finding love.
Beautiful, dark, angsty, heartbreaking.

I couldn't put it down.

12. K. Bromberg - Worth The Risk

Everybody's been talking about Kristy Bromberg, and I've been putting reading her books off for a while because ... why again? 
I read a lot of single-parent romances over the years, but this one takes the crown. 
Beautifully written, emotional, a second-chance novel with story and characters that will capture your hearts.

That's it! What do you think? What were your favorite reads of 2018? Did you meet any new authors? Let me know!


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