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9 Things I Love About Books That Don't Have Anything To Do With Reading

How many times have you found yourself trying to explain to non-readers, your family and friends, your love for reading? How many times have you stopped in front of the bookstore just to check what new books they have and you'd get one of the following questions: 1. Didn't you just buy a new book? or 2. Why do you need another book when you have so many back home? Or even worts, 3. Can't you just borrow it from the library?

Well yes, I did just buy a new book. And yes, I do have a whole shelf/shelves full of book(s) back home, thank you for pointing that out. Yes, you'll probably be able to find it in the library eventually, although let's be honest, if you're reading in English and live in a non-English speaking country how big are the chances that the book will appear in the library? Slim to none, that's how big they are.

They simply don't realize it, and probably never will. Why? They're not interested and they don't care. And it's OKAY!

Not everybody will love books and reading like you do. Some people have other priorities. Maybe one of your friends would rather spend money on new shoes or take a weekend off to go to the spa. Everybody has something they love, and I can accept that. That's why I have bookish and non-bookish friends. I love the variety and I'm proud of my diverse circle of friends.

What I don't like is that usually non-readers do have a tendency to try and change us. If I want to go home and curl up with a book instead of going partying on a Friday night? Well, please do let me be. If I'd rather skip a coffee to save money to buy that new book that just got out? Help me out! We can still hang out at your place or mine, instead of spending that $10 on the coffee in the shop.

The bookish community is way bigger than non-readers can understand. And being a bookworm is so much more than just loving reading.

So here are 9 things I love about books that don't have anything to do with reading!

1. Buying Books

Buying books is an addiction, but if you put it in a perspective, not such a bad one. There are way worst habits to pick up then occasional one-click more than what you originally planned.
Every bookworm is different, some buy ebooks, some prefer paperbacks while others would kill for a beautiful hardback copy of the book. In the last couple of years, I also notice a lot of people switching to audio-books because of the possibilities of multitasking that option offers them. And some simply LOVE. THEM. ALL. Can't say I blame them! So many beautiful, interesting books come out DAILY it's hard to just choose one, and bookworm's to-be-read list keeps growing and growing.

2. Reorganizing My Shelves
Some people are pretty protective of their books, no way that special edition of the book or book signed by their unicorn author will be moved even an inch, not me. I love reading books. I love touching them, just opening random pages and reading a paragraph or two. And I love reorganizing my shelves!

Every time I get a bigger order, or after a few smaller ones, I have to re-arrange my shelve so that everything goes back to into order. Or, well, my version of order. Every bookworm has his/her own way or shelving books. Some do it by the author, some by size, some by color. But no matter which path you decide to take, one constant remains - we ALWAYS notice if you touched our shelf or god forbid, took something without telling us. Fair warning: Do NOT touch if not instructed otherwise!

3. Talking To My Bookish Friends
Every bookworm needs a bookish friend or two. Or a tribe, whatever suits you best! I love sharing my love of books, but I try not to push it in the face of my non-bookish friends. Too much, that is. If a girl loves her books, she has to share her excitement.

I love discussing books, old and new. I love doing a buddy read with my bookish friends and recommending new favorites to my friends and see them fall in love with the book that somehow changed my life.

4. Waiting For Book Mail

As every bookworm knows, waiting for books to arrive can be exciting and infuriating at the same time. Sometimes it can take forever for books to arrive to your home, and you can't stop pacing in front of the mailbox waiting for your order to arrive. Yet, there is nothing quite like the feeling of opening a new box once it comes to your doorsteps. Even better if it's a surprise gift from one of your friends!

5. Bookstagramming
I have to admit, the first time I tried bookstagramming I sucked! Seriously, I'm not joking. Just look at this:

I guess somebody should have warned me that taking pictures in the evening, in the room in which light is usually shitty and using the flash wasn't the best option. Either way, after a few really bed attempts at mastering this skill that's become popular in the book community I found my way and stile.

Now every time I have some extra time, I take out my things and set everything to take pictures of my favorite books. Usually, it's after I get new books I ordered. I take all of my thingies - backgrounds, flowers, books and everything else I might need - out and the photo shoot can begin!

6. Bookish Community

The bookish community is like one big family. Everywhere you turn, you can find friends. Some of my best friends I found through books. No, in the most cases we can't meet each other on a regular basis, but we talk all the time, sharing our love for all things bookish, but at the same time immersing ourselves in their everyday routine.
Good or bad, we stick to each other as we navigate through our daily lives and find new books to read and authors to love.

7. Book Signings

I haven't been lucky enough to go to one just yet, but I'm planning on going to RARE19 in London! I can't express how excited I'm to attend this signing. London is one of my favorite cities in the world, plus there will be over 150 amazing authors signing and so many other authors, blogger, and readers attending the event. I can't wait to meet them all, get my books signed, snatch some cute swag and discuss books on every corner of London.

8. Bookish Things
Book lovers don't only love and collect books, far from it! Bookish candles, mugs and cups, bookmarks, magnets, pins, chopsticks, pens, totes, hoodies ... Take your pick, whatever you want, you'll probably find it.

9. Window Shopping

Bookworms are ALWAYS looking for new books. Even when they're broke! We'll stop by the bookstore just to check what new books they've got, or scroll online putting titles we want on the wishlist. I'm betting more than half people reading this probably have a list of the list of the list of the books they want and order in which they'll order them because you simply CANNOT have too much books!

What do you think? Still believe bookworms only spend time reading? If you're a bookworm, what do you like about books that it doesn't have anything to do with reading? Let me know in the comments below!


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