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New books and summer reading plans

New books and summer reading plans

When I was growing up the library was my best friend. A few times a week my mom would take me to that magical place so I could pick up new books to read. The lady working in the library knew me so well, she would let me pick up more books than it was allowed to just so I could have something to read at home.

I loved it. The library has always been a place of magic and stories for me. However, going to the library had a downside - my parents wouldn't buy me books.

I come from a family of non-readers so they don't find it important to spend money on books. Why buy a book when you can borrow it, read it and then return it? Why read the same book two or more times if you read it already? Why collect books? They simply don't get it.

My old shelf started to get too stuffy with things lately, so I decided to get one custom made. My room is small so I really have to be careful about how I use the space. I found some shelves in IKEA and other similar stores, but they're either too small or too big for me. I don't want to buy a shelf only to have to buy another one in a couple of months.

Old shelf - two rows of books on each shelf

Anyway, I was waiting for my new shelf to arrive and I was so looking forward to taking all my books out of my old shelf and rearranging everything. I was looking forward to that day like a child looks forward to the Christmas morning and my family is laughing at me, rolling their eyes at the same time. But I simply ignore it, because they're the one missing out one whole different world. A world of magic and beautiful, heart-aching words that make you laugh and cry at the same time. Characters you love and characters you hate. Stories of cities you've never been to and meeting people you've never met. They're missing on something extraordinary and they don't even get it.

But, back to the books... So in last few years, I haven't been much to the library. I was busy with college life, and then my own writing. But also, somewhere along the way, I read everything I was interested in so I had to switch to reading in English. So instead of borrowing paperbacks, I switched to ebooks and kindle became the extension of my hand.

Still, I love physical books and it's a dream of mine to have my own office/library in my future house so now that I started working and earning my own money I decided to slowly start collecting the paperbacks of the books I loved.

So, not to become too boring with my sappy story, here are some of the paperbacks I got in the last couple of months. I got them on sale, bought them second-hand or got it from some of my friends. It's a mix of different authors and subgenres since, let's be honest, the only thing I do read is romance.

I'm still waiting for some. Blizzard by Cambria Hebert that I got for my birthday from one of my friends and a secret signed Cambria Hebert book I got from another friend. What can I say, I have awesome friends! I also ordered one Rachel Gibson book and Sailor Moon Vol.1 manga. Those came a bit later, but are finally here!

Once I get paid next month, I plan on starting my RARE19 paperback collection. I do have some books already, but I need so many more! You can find the books I have for the signing and other RARE related info here.

Thank god I got a big shelf, and that the old shelf is practically empty since I'll need all the space I can get for all the books I plan to buy!

New shelf


Well, the better question is what I won't be reading! The list of books I have to read in the "near" future is so long, I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it on time.

First of all, one of my blogger friends suggested I read Sarah J. Maas. She's a big name in YA paranormal/fantasy genre right now, and once upon a time I loved reading YA paranormal/fantasy but didn't get a chance to do so in the last few years. She even went as far as borrowing me the whole series so I can read it over the summer.

Then there are all the paperbacks I got. You remember that picture from the beginning? Although some of those books I bought because I read them in the past and wanted to complete my collection and they were on sale so why not?! I also have a few I didn't read and a few I'd like to reread since I enjoyed them so much! 
Books I plan to (re)read: Nora Roberts - The Witness, Jennifer Crusie, Lisa Kleypas - Travises ...

Then there is my "read before RARE19 London" list you can find here. I have them or will eventually buy them in ebook version to read before going to the signing.

And let's not forget all of my favorite authors that will surely publish new books in the following months. Books I'll have to read because I love them so freaking much I can't help myself but buy them!

What about your summer? Do you have a list of you just go with the flow and read what you find interesting? Tell me about it below!


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