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One year publiversary

It's been one year. One year since I hit publish on my first novel and sometimes it still doesn't feel real. How could it be? For years I've been dreaming of writing and publishing my own books. For years I scrambled down the ideas, worked and developed some, even finished a few... Yet, when I look at my bookshelf or have somebody message me about my books, it seems surreal. 

My dream is real. 

And to celebrate my one-year publiversary, I'm having a sale of my debut novel, Lost & Found. From today to July 31st, you'll be able to get your copy for only $0.99!

Croatian girl meets American boy in an epic love story stronger than time and distance.

"The drama was so different than other romance novels that I have come across. The complexity was intense. The angst and the hope I have these character was so surreal. Lost and Found is a book that is one-click worthy!" - Crystal's Book World

Only, my dream didn't start a year ago. No. The first file I found on my computer dates back to February of 2016. 

Here are some fun facts about Lost & Found:

1. I got the idea for this book while I was working as an au pair (aka nanny) in Spain in the summer of 2015. That's when I actually started writing, so I assume the date on the first file, which is February of 2016 is when I finished the first draft of this book. 

2. Anabel was first called Aria. For a few different reasons, I decided to change her name. Then I was playing with different names until I came up with Anabel. It's a name you can find in Croatia, but also in English speaking countries. And it has "bel(l)" in it, and if you read Lost & Found you know the why I ended up choosing this particular name.

3. New York Knights series was supposed to have 6 books in total. Four full-length novels and two novellas. There is still a possibility I'll return to those books later on, but I'd like to see where my writing journey takes me. So, for now, I think NYK series is done.

4. Since this book is so long I always knew I'll divide the interior of the book somehow. The first version was supposed to look something like this:
Part I. Lost Myself
Part II: Changed In a Blink
Part III: Found In You
In the end, the book is divided into seasons. 

5. Three full chapters, which is around 5500 words, were cut out of the final version of Lost & Found. The book follows Anabel and William's story for more than a year, so it seemed to me if I kept those chapters - that you'll find at the end of this post in case you want to read them - the beginning to the story will drag on more than necessary and discourage some readers from finishing this book that is really long to begin with.

6. Anabel is the character that will always be most similar to me as a person. I'm not sure if it's because this is my first book or if there's another reason for this fact, but it is, in fact, a fact. A lot of my personalities, my opinions, feelings, and thoughts are transmitted through this particular character. 

And now, here's what's been deleted out of the final version of Lost & Found. Please note, this is from the first, unedited draft of the book.

Chapter 1

“Here you go”, I say as I put on the table their drinks. “Black coffee with milk for you, and ice coffee for you. Could I get you anything else?”
They decline so I go to take the order from group of high school girls that just sat down on one of the tables. I’ve been working here for almost two months now. It’s not my dream job or anything, but it’s start. And anyway, I feel better while I do something and not just sit down in my studio apartment thinking about my future, or maybe it would be better phrased my lack of ideas for future.
At least I had luck in finding job quickly, that’s something. I hate depending on my parents, but here you just don’t have a lot of options. I come from middle class family. We are not poor, but going to college to another city hasn’t been easy on us, so for the most of my time I think twice before spending money unnecessarily. 
Mom wasn’t really happy when she and dad came to my graduation and I told them that I’m not sure about continuing my education and doing masters. At the end she let me do as I wish, as I knew she would, after all it’s not like she can make me do it. But also, she wants me to be happy to find something that will fulfill me.
They wanted me to come home and spend some time with them, but I decided to stay in Zadar. It seemed logical because Zadar is at the cost, and with summer in full swing and tons of tourists from different countries coming to visit it is easier to make money.  
For next three hours I serve the costumers that sit down to take a break from sightseeing and hot sun. Mostly, they order some cold drink – juice, water, ice coffee… Some of them talk to me about thing they saw and ask what they should do next.
I like talking to them, it amazes me how they find interesting and beautiful things that are so normal for me, buildings and places that I see so often that I stopped to appreciate.
But most of all, I like to listen them talk with each other in their mother tongue. I always wanted to learn a lot of languages and with time I did. I speak fluently English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Also I can manage to say basic things in French, German and just this last school year I took Russian.  I know, I’m language freak, so what?
My shift ends at 8. Before heading home I stop at the bakery to get something to eat. I didn’t put anything in my mouth all afternoon and I have few more hours of work before me and it wouldn’t be nice if my stomach started to rumble.
I’m one of lucky students because I found studio apartment that is in the old city and ten minutes away from university. The building that I live in is old, like most of them in this part of town, but my landlord renovated it a year or two before I moved in, at my first year in college.
When I enter the studio is dark because I closed shutters so that it’s not too hot in room when I get back. I put my bag on the bed and go open the windows so that fresh air can enter the room.
Studio is small, not like I actually need something bigger for myself. Walls are white but there are some pictures of nature and sea. Near the entrance door, next to the wall is big closet. Right next to it is fridge, few kitchen cabinets and oven. There is also small microwave and coffee maker.
Queen size bed is in the corner of the opposite side of room with nightstand is next to it. On the same wall, between night stand and desk are the door that lead to little balcony. In the middle of the room is square coffee table with big, fluffy dark blue pillows to sit on.
I simply love this apartment. I change it a little in last three years so that it matches my style. Bed sheets are in black and there are a lot of pillows on my bed. Books are everywhere: on nightstand, desk, coffee table… and there are some plants on my windowsill.
I hear my phone ring somewhere in my bag signaling that I got text message, but I don’t get to read it because the phone starts to ring again, this time its call. I smile when I see the ID of caller. “Well, hello there.”
“Hey stranger! What you doin’?” says cheerful voice on the other end of line.
“Just got home”, I tell her as I go to the miniature bathroom to clean up my face. “Have to go out in few hours to work again. What about you Val?”
Valentina, or shortly Val, is my best friend. We met on our first day in high school, and we’ve been good friends ever since. We were two girls that come from small towns to big city and are too shy to make a lot of friends. The girls that were standing on side and observing others, the girls that talked to everyone but not making real connection and becoming friends with others.
“I’m home too. Maybe I’ll go out with some friends later, tomorrow is my day off.”
She also works as waitress in some café in her hometown. She’s been doing it every summer since high school. “That’s nice”, I say watching my reflection in mirror as I clean make up. My long black hair is tide in high ponytail so that it doesn’t get in the way while I work, and it’s too hot to have it down anyway. My face is oval and skin fair. This contrast only increases the intensity of my round, piercing dark blue eyes that are surrounded with long black lashes. I have pretty small nose and my lover lip is little fuller than the upper one. I usually don’t put a lot of makeup, so there is not much to clean but I have to do it anyway so than I can reapply it later again, but this time much more because it’s one of requirements of hostessing job. “We should have some fun, its summer after all.”
I hear her laugh. “And that says person that just got home from work and is getting ready to go to other work?”
I roll my eyes at her even if she can’t see it, but small laugh escapes anyway. “You know this hostessing thing isn’t serious. I just do it when I have some extra time, and believe me, all I have right now is time. School is over and most of my friends went back home.”
“Yeah I know. Actually, this is why I’m calling.”
“Which of the things I said?” I ask and laugh louder this time. I miss talking to her. We know each other so well, and can be relaxed and withy around each other without fear of being misunderstood. “You are calling because you think I work too much? Or maybe it’s because you want to talk about college-thing again or, even better, you are pitting me and you’ll take first bus and come here to make me company?”
“Anabel , sometimes you are really one big pain in the ass”, she says seriously and we both laugh again. “Although, I would really like to come and visit, little sun and sea never killed no one, right?”, I hear her sigh on the other end of line. “But that’s not the reason why I’m calling.”
“Well, little while ago I was with Iva, you remember her? She’s my neighbor, anyway… she told me something about friend, or friend’s friend or something, joining some kind of agency for nannies. It’s like you apply and send them all documents that they need like your resume, confirmation that you are healthy, copy of your passport and driving licence, confirmation that you don’t have penalties and things like that and then they find you family to live with and take care of their kids”, she explains.
I’m listening quietly as she explains me all about this live-in-nanny job. “O-kay… But, why would they need copy of my passport?” I ask when she finishes.
“Did you really think that you can find job like that here? Of course not, silly! This agency finds you jobs in other countries. Iva’s friend, or whatever, went to USA and had an amazing time. I know how you like to travel, so I just wanted you to know about this option. Why would you work as waitress here if you can go somewhere and have adventure of your life?”
“Adventure of my life?” I ask her in teasing voice. “Don’t you think you exaggerate a little?”
“Of course not!”
“I don’t know it sounds too good to be true”, I say. I like all this about working in some other country, going away and forgetting about my boring everyday life, maybe a little bit too much.  “There has to be a catch. And anyway, it’s not like I have money for plane ticket.”
“That’s the thing”, she tells me. “Only thing you have to pay is for visa, and other expenses like plane ticket, accommodation, allowance are on the family. And actually, there is a catch…”
“I knew it, there is always one”, I interrupt her.
“Will you let me finish?” there is annoyance in her voice. “It would be catch if I wanted to go, but as some of us decided to take at least one year off college…”
“So what is exactly catchy about all that?” I so did not want to talk about getting off the college again.
“You have to stay for whole year.”
“Just that?” I ask her suspiciously.
“Just listen to her”, she murmurs in phone. “Just that? Like it’s not huge obstacle. I couldn’t go if I wanted to. Life is so unfair.”
I try to hide my laugh. “Well you could take year off college and go. Then we could both apply and have adventure of our life!”
“Yeah, only in your dreams honey. There is just no way I’d be able to come back and study after one year pause. Anyway, I told Iva to text me the name of that agency, you know, just in case you’re interested to go. When I get it, I’ll forward it to you, ‘kay?”
“Thank you, Val. What would I do without you?”
“Be waitress for the rest of your life?” she teases.
“Hey! There is no need to be mean”, I protest.
“You love me mean”, we both laugh at that. “That so didn’t come out good.”
“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. Anyway, I’m sorry, but I gotta run. I didn’t take shower and I have to do my hair and make up for tonight.”
Valentina lets out heavy sight on the other end of line. “I know, go make yourself pretty, but shower will be excellent idea. We wouldn’t want to scare people away with your sweaty-I-just-finished-eight-hour-afternoon-shift smell, now would we?”
“Meany”, I shout at her.
“I love you, Anabel ”, I can hear smile in her voice, so I to smile at my reflection.
“Love you too, Val. Later.” And then I hang up and go get ready for night.

Chapter 2
One month later

“You did what?” my mom, Elena, asks loudly as she sits straight on couch.
Elena Majer looks good for her 43 years. She isn’t skinny, although to say the truth she never was skinny, but she still looks nice. I look a lot like her. We share same black hair, but hers is cut at shoulder length and we have same face feathers. Full pink lips, small nose and round eyes, although her are mixture of deep green and brown. 
I rearrange my position in sofa that is next to hers before speaking again. “I said”, I repeat slowly, “that tomorrow in the evening I have to catch a flight.”
“A flight?” she asks like I just didn’t say it for the second time in less than thirty seconds.
“Yeah mom, a flight. You know, this big, metal thing that has wings and travels through the sky?”
“Don’t patronize me young lady, I’m still your mother!” she warns me with her finger lift in the air. “Why would you need to catch a flight?”
“Well now that season is over in Zadar I had to find something else to do and I managed to find a job.”
“What kind of job is that where you need to travel on your first day?” there is suspicion in her voice.
“I won’t be traveling on my first day”, I say. I feel nervous and I guess I can’t compline. No one told me not to tell my parents that I applied to work across the ocean, it was my decision. But who knew it would take just few weeks, from the time I gave my application to skyping with few families that answered my profile and deciding on the date of departure?  “I’ll travel to start working when I land to States”, I explain, putting emphasis on when. Better to get it out now, it would be her next question anyway.
“You are going to Unites States of America?” she asks in utter disbelief. Maybe she thinks I’m mocking her, but I wouldn’t say so. Her skin is pale and eyes are wide.
I nod in confirmation, although I don’t think she notices. “You are going to work in the United States? Are you crazy Anabel ?”
“Mom…” I try to talk, but disbelief converted in anger and annoyance.
“Are you crazy? I let it go when you told us that you want to take year off to ‘think about your future and find your way’. I let you stay the summer in Zadar so that you can work, but this? Going to other side of world isn’t just something you decide to do from one day to another, for god’s sake!”
I can understand her anger so I let her get it all out. She got on her feet and started pacing around the room. She’s pretty tall, five feet eight, but so is the rest of my family, dad has like 6 feet and my little sister is inch or two higher than my mom. I’m family shorty, but I like it better that way. A girl can never have too much high heels.
“What’s going on with you Anabel ? Why do you want to go? Why did you do this behind our back?”
I can see her confusion so I take her hands in mine and squeeze them to make her look at me. “Nothing’s going on mom, really. I just… Nothing feels right now, and I have to find my way. I don’t want to make some harsh decisions that I’ll be sorry for in the future.”
“And this isn’t harsh?” she yells, but doesn’t give me chance to explain. “Why did you hide it?” she asks and there is so much hurt in her voice that my heart aches.
“I didn’t…” I try to say, but she interrupts me, her eyebrows rising. “Really?”
I let out heavy sigh. “Okay, maybe, I did. But really it wasn’t intentional, not really. Val called me few weeks ago with all this about going to work as live-in-nanny to U.S. and when I applied I didn’t really think I’ll get job, or get it so soon, but I did.”
She goes back to couch and sits down where she was when this conversation started. “Tell me about it.”
So I do. I tell her everything about Evan’s, the family I’ll work in, their daughters, my obligations and all other important things.
“You know that I like to travel, and this will be really good experience for me. It’s not like you can get every day paid trip to States, whole package included, and stay there for a year.“
I get up and go to the window. We’ve been sitting in the living room of my parent’s house, watching TV. Well, mom’s been watching TV and I was reading before this confrontation.
This room is cozy. Walls are painted in white coffee color, and there are some paintings on them. Two dark brown couches and sofa are on the one part of the room and are filled with little white pillows with brown polka dots. Between them is little coffee table, and on the other side of room is one big shelf that takes all the wall and is filled with books, photos of us growing up, candles and all other stupid, little things that just serve to collect dust. Except for a few changes, this is the room I spend my childhood in.
“Well”, she finally says, “if you are sure about this.”
“It feels like right thing mom.” This is the only thing that I’m sure of. From Val’s call, it has been only thing that I was sure of, it felt right. Well, there has been one more thing that felt right, and I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t. I was so afraid of what she’ll say to me, or even worse, what she’ll think. Because I know she’ll do anything to make me happy.
I was never especially close with my parents. Growing up I was the older one. The one that had to be responsible, serious, be example to my little sister. And so I’ve become independent, so independent that it made distance between my family and me. But no matter what, they loved me, just as I loved them, and we would do anything for each other. But this fact that I knew, as much as it made me happy, sacred me all the same. Will she tell me white lies so that I feel better or will she tell me the truth?
“Okay then. So you are going again tomorrow?” mom interrupts my thoughts.
I was coward and didn’t want to find out so I decided not to say anything, at least not for now. “Yeah, the plane is leaving at 8:30”, I can hear excitement in my voice. I really have a good feeling about this.
“You could have stayed home for at least a week.”
“If I could I would, but the thing is I signed contract for a year. 30th September 2014 to 30th September 2015, so that if I decide to come back to college next year I have time to adapt to time change and all that.”
“I know, you already explained, but I have right not to be happy about that. And just that you know, you’ll be the one to tell your father about this when he gets home from work.”
“Who’s gonna tell what to dad?” asks my sister as she enters the room.
I so can’t deal with her right now so I get up and go to my room to finish packing.

It’s late afternoon as we walk through Pleso Airport. Airport is situated close to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, my hometown. It’s not some big, fancy airport like some of other European airports, but it’s biggest in Croatia and as such, the start of my journey.  
There is a lot of people, not like you would see in some movie, but still… While some go to check in others are going towards exit, there is small line of people waiting to get their ticket and others are waiting for some kind of information. You can clearly see the difference between tourists, businessman and woman, and then there are just regular people that travel to visit families or something similar.
I stand in the line to get ticket that Evan’s booked on my name while my family waits close by.  In the corner of my eye I can see mom and dad talking about something. From the way they stand and act I know how they feel but they are trying to hide it from me. Mom is worried, like really worried. She was on my heels last 24 hours. And dad… well there is still anger in him. To say he wasn’t pleased with me going to work in U.S. is understatement of the year.
I never hid that I wanted something bigger of my life, that I wanted to leave. They’ve known it for quite some time, because although Croatia is my home, my place of origin I never really felt connected to it.
But for my dad… I wouldn’t really say that he is nationalist, but he does not believe that it would make difference if I go to some other country. I guess he believes that I’m little, naïve girl that thinks that in U.S. money falls from the sky and you just have to pick it up from the floor or that it’s easier there, but I don’t.
Sure thing, I love States, and it’s definitely the country I can picture myself living in some day, with UK and Canada right behind it on my imaginary list. However, I’m not stupid. I know that not everything in U.S. is pink and there is poverty and bad people in all social classes just like in any other place in this world. What I like about America is that there you will get your chance, you just have to fight for it and when you get it not be afraid of taking it and making best out of it. It’s not easy, but it’s something, something you can’t do here.
When I get my ticket I go back to them. I didn’t really want them to come with me, but that, of course, was unacceptable.
“Did you get your ticket?” mom asks me.
“Yeah. First stop is Munich and then New York Newark”, I tell them as I look closely to my ticket. “Ohh, shit…”
“Something’s wrong?”
“I’ll be in the air for 30 hours”, I say. “30 freaking hours.”
“Well what did you except?” says my annoying fifteen-years-old sister Mia. I frown at her. “I don’t know, fifteen, twenty hours not more.”
She just rolls her eyes at me and goes back to texting. She is so different than me. If I didn’t look so much like my mother people would think I was adopted. Mia towers over me with her 5 foot 10, and she is so skinny, like all arms and legs. Her hair is dark brown and it falls little bit under her shoulders. Her face has hart shape and her skin is little darker than mine, she’s got it from dad’s side of family. She has mom’s eye shape and color, that rich green-brown shade of oval eyes and she got dads Grecian nose and wide reddish lips. If she works on her personality she could be so hot in few years.
 “It’ll be fine”, mom assures me, like she thinks I might back down, which is so not happening.
“I know”, I tell. “We should really go now. I have to do check-in and go wait for flight.”
“Already?” she asks.
“Elena, her plane is off in less than two hours. Let her be”, dad says.
It’s the first thing he said in my presence since yesterday. Igor Majer is tall and slim. He usually doesn’t speak a lot, the trail I guess I got from him. His face is oblong, with deep sapphire blue eyes, Grecian nose and wide lips. His thick, short cut hair is in dark brown color but has little bit of gray in it.
I want to take my suitcases but he does it for me and as we go toward check-in he puts his free hand around my shoulders. It’s his way of letting go of our earlier fight and I appreciate it. I didn’t want to go in fight.
After I give my suitcases to attendant to weight it and pass through check we have to say goodbye. Mom is crying as she hugs me goodbye, and my sister is trying to play it off by messing with her cell. There are even tears in my dad’s eyes. I kiss and hug everyone goodbye as my parents give me last warnings.
There are tears in my eyes too, but I don’t let them fall. This is the reason why I didn’t want anyone to go with me. ‘cause no matter how hard I try to seem tough, at the end, on the bottom of my soul I’m emotional. When I love someone I love them, no backing down, and I can so easily get hurt. At same time I can be passionate and I can be cold, I’m strong as much as I’m weak… so messed up, just like real girl.
I take a step back and look one more time at my family with small smile and blurry eyes, than I turn around and without looking back step through check-in.

Chapter 3
Newark Liberty International Airport

Thirty hours later I landed in United States of America. It sounds so amazingly unbelievable. I couldn’t sleep in plane because of excitement, or maybe, it was because of the guy that sat behind me and kept kicking my seat. Probably later.
No matter what, I didn’t sleep for more than day and a half and I was feeling moody and so fucking tired I tough I was going to fall in coma. However, as much as I would love to do that, I took my things and started to go toward exit with everyone else.
The plane that took me over Atlantic Ocean was huge. There were rows and rows of seats, and every single one of them was taken. I was surrounded with people from all around the world. When I landed in Munich I just stood there and let my senses to be overflowed with noise and images and smell and… just everything. It felt good to be part of this community, be part of something bigger.
When I entered the Newark Airport the same thing happened. I just had to stop and let it all in, let it all absorb me. Standing there I was feeling so little, so insignificant but at the same time I was being a piece of something bigger. It’s hard thing to explain.
I felt someone bumping into me so I started to move towards luggage. After few minutes I could see my two big, black suitcases next to each other. They were really heavy and I had to pay few extra bucks to compensate for overweight of it, but there was nothing else I could do. I had to pack a little bit of everything so that I have clothes for cold and warm weather. Every other thing I’ll have to buy here. I was really looking forward to black Friday.
The guy next to me sees me trying to take my suitcase so he helps me. It’s some older guy, my guess would be mid-forties. I smile and thank him before going toward waiting room. 
There are so many people that I don’t see them at first, but after I scan the crowd I find them. Lisa Evans is standing little away with her two daughters. Bella, the two-year-old girl is on her hip, with her thumb in mouth and Ivy who is five stands next to her mother, holding her with one hand and in other holding sign with my name on it.
When I get closer, Lisa who’s been talking something to Ivy, rises her head and sees me. We smile at each other and I hear happy yell before small body bumps into me. “Anabel ! You came.”
I smile and hug her back. “Of course I did, I said I would, didn’t I?”
What I learned about Ivy through our Skype-chats is that she is really happy, open minded child. She smiles all the time and talks a lot, everything interests her and if she could she would be in few places at same time. Ivy is quite tall for the girl her age and she is skinny, but I guess with Lisa who has like 5 or 6 inches over me, and her husband Colin who is tall too, it’s not strange. She has oval face with big, light grey eyes, perky little nose, still little chubby cheeks and full lips. Her brown hair is braded and falls till middle of her waist.
“Yeah, but it was so long ago!” she complains.
“Ivy, give a girl little brake”, Lisa says in her southern accent. “She just got here.”
“But mooom”, Ivy draws out, but after she sees look on her mother’s face she backs down.
 Lisa Evans is one beautiful woman. She is tall and slim, little curvy, just like women should be. She has oblong face, pretty almond shape dark brown eyes with long lashes, Roman nose and, like Ivy, full red lips. Her long hair is light brown and curled. She is dressed nicely, but that I noticed even before, Lisa likes to dress stylish clothes and her hair is perfectly made just like her make up. Just now she is wearing cram trench coat and underneath it skinny jeans and dark brown shirt and cram high heels.
“I hope your trip went well”, she says as she gives me one armed hug and kiss on the cheek.
“Yes, It was fine, but so long”, I say and squat down a little so I can look at Bella. “And who are you little miss?”
Bella is just like her mother. With her facial feathers, big brown eyes with long lashes, chubby cheeks and pretty brown hair that is till her shoulders. She is looking at me carefully with her thumb in mouth.
I caress her cheek and ask again: “What’s your name baby girl?”
“She doesn’t like to talk much”, says Ivy.
“She does like to talk”, corrects her Lisa. “Just not to the strangers, when she gets used to Anabel  being here, she’ll talk, right baby?”
Bella murmurs something with her finger in mouth. “We should go, you probably want to rest.”
Rest, that was the word I needed to hear, but I knew better. “That’s fine. Let’s go”, I say and start to roll my suitcase with Ivy’s hand in mine.  “Although I probably shouldn’t sleep, it’s still too early.”
“I heard that too”, she confirms. “They say it’s better to try and adjust to the time of place you are in. Enna always says so too.”
“My younger sister. Her name is Sienna, but I call her just Enna. She’ll be back soon. She is working somewhere, I’m not even sure where, because she is always on move”, Lisa explains as we go to elevator.
“What does she do?”
“Modeling”, she says proudly.
“Wow”, I say, although I don’t find it really surprising. “Well, if she is half as beautiful as you are, I can see why.”
“Thank you. Did you ever think about it?” she asks.
“Me?” I ask confused. “Why would I be model?”
Lisa laughs at me. “You are pretty”, she says. “Sure, you couldn’t walk on runaway but you could be photo model. With you fair skin, black hair and this specific shade of blue eyes I bet you would take breaths from male audience if the put you on some board. I guess you did it once or twice in your life.”
I listen to her but I don’t get it. Okay, I’m not ugly, I know it, but I’m just regular girl. Little too short, little too curvy, with huge contrast between my pale skin and black hair, and definitely eyes too big for my face. And because of my preference of black clothing people always think I’m some kind of punk-rock-goth girl.
“Well thank you”, I say, trying to be nice. “But I don’t really think so. I mean, I’m regular girl, and I’m sure I didn’t take too many breaths away.”
We exit the elevator and Lisa unlocks her car that is close by. First I open back seat door for Ivy, let her in and help her secure her belt, before going to put my suitcase in back. Lisa finishes with securing Bella in her car seat and closes the door.
“I just hope you don’t brake too many hearts here”, she says with knowing smile on her face before we both enter car and Lisa drives us to my new home.


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How to get your money's worth while buying books This is eternal question for the book lovers who especially love to collect print copies of the books they love. With so many books coming out daily it's hard to buy them all at the same time. And then, of course, you have to fall in love with a new-to-you author who has a backlist of 40+ books. Fun times. It's even worse if you live in a country that doesn't have Amazon. Book lovers who live in a country that has Amazon (USA, UK, Germany ...)  have Amazon Prime or if they don't (but don't go quoting me on this one) they don't have to pay for shipping if their order is over $35. Again, I'm not sure, but I do think I saw something like that going around the internet. Before we get down to the business, let me tell you some facts about me and my life so you can see everybody can do this: - I'm a 24 years old Croatian. - I work in an office which, if we're being honest isn't some fancy jo

9 Things I Love About Books That Don't Have Anything To Do With Reading

How many times have you found yourself trying to explain to non-readers, your family and friends, your love for reading? How many times have you stopped in front of the bookstore just to check what new books they have and you'd get one of the following questions: 1. Didn't you just buy a new book? or 2. Why do you need another book when you have so many back home? Or even worts, 3. Can't you just borrow it from the library? Well yes, I did just buy a new book. And yes, I do have a whole shelf/shelves full of book(s) back home, thank you for pointing that out. Yes, you'll probably be able to find it in the library eventually, although let's be honest, if you're reading in English and live in a non-English speaking country how big are the chances that the book will appear in the library? Slim to none, that's how big they are. They simply don't realize it, and probably never will. Why? They're not interested and they don't care. And it's

Lines Christmas Scene

Lines Christmas Scene AMELIA Another knock rings on my bedroom door. “Coming!” I yell but don’t move an inch from my spot. “You said that the last three times your mom came and the last two I knocked. We’re going to be late, little one.” The way his voice deepens when he speaks my name makes to Goosebumps rise on my flesh. It’s low and intimate, and to be honest, cute. Who would have ever thought that Derek King–this big, badass hockey player–can be cute? We’ve been together for almost two months now, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we’re together. Derek King is my boyfriend. Mine. I can see the blush rising on my cheeks in the reflection in the mirror. The reflection that brings me back to reality. Swallowing hard, the nervousness I was feeling returns back in full force. We’ve been together for two months, and now Derek asked me to meet his parents. Officially that is. I already met his dad on one of his hockey games, and he seemed nice